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Film Production

Whether you are making a video for the first time to refresh your brand image, or have many videos under your belt, we consult and collaborate with you every step of the way to ensure that we thoroughly grasp your needs.


From the conceptualisation and scriptwriting process, to the actual filming, to the editing phase, we are committed to making film and video content of exceptional quality efficiently and cost-effectively.

Why do you need a video?

Inform and Entertain.png
Inform and Entertain

With video, you can target the viewers' visual and auditory senses simultaneously to leave a lasting impression.


We show (not tell) what your organisation, service, or product does, with text graphics and voiceovers bringing the point home. We can also unveil the hidden stories behind through interviews, entertaining the audience while providing value.

Optimize for Social Media_2.png
Optimise for Social Media

Many organisations these days maintain a social media presence as part of their marketing and branding strategy.


Whether your platform of choice is YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, we ensure that your video is optimised for social media by producing eye-catching visuals and engaging content, finished in a trendy package for maximum shareability. 

Transform Your Business.png
Transform Your Business

Video marketing can give your organisation an edge, as it can help you reach out to potential customers and build on relationships with current ones.

Driving engagement on social media with video content also boosts your digital presence. Whether it's a promotional video, explainer, or corporate video, we help you portray what needs to be told.

What We Do

Pre Production Services


Our creative director incubates ideas through extensive research on your organisation and its goals, helping to craft a script that effectively showcases the unique points of your organisation, product, or service. In every project, we think out of the box and plan for striking visuals that can tell your narrative in an engaging manner.

Film and Video Production Services


With a dynamic and versatile team versed in all of the most important aspects of film production, and a comprehensive gear closet, we are able to complete most productions in-house, ensuring your project remains time and cost-effective. Should the need arise, we can also tap on our skilled network to enhance your production.

Post Production Services


Our team continues to service you with efficient turnaround times, staffed by in-house editors, colourist, and audio post, with communication facilitated from end-to-end by our producers so that nothing gets lost in the sauce and we deliver an exceptional product that can exceed your expectations and satisfy your organisational needs.

Why choose Hatched?

  1. We offer free consultations to understand your needs better before you commit

  2. We research your organisation and service or product thoroughly to ensure we know you well

  3. We know what is important to your target audience and can propose concepts that will be engaging and pertinent

  4. We plan our script and storyboard meticulously so you know what to expect every step of the way

  5. We ensure shoots are well-planned and thoughtfully executed to maximise your time and budget

  6. We edit based on our understanding of beats and pacing for the best cut from all the footage captured

  7. We draw on our years of experience and keep ourselves updated on the latest trend and techniques, ensuring that content remains visually interesting and relevant

  8. We seek to create something new every time, thinking out of the box on how we can tell your story

Get an in-depth explanation of what it's like to work with us for video productions - FREE PDF

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