About Us!

Hatched Productions is a fun and enterprising video production company, established in 2019 by a group of communications graduates who wanted to leverage on each other's diverse experiences and strengths to create their own system for content creation.

We believe strongly in thinking out of the box but are also firmly rooted in incubating ideas through deep research, and hatching narratives via the intersection of inspiration and rationality.

With our ability to understand your audience and your brand, we work with you to convey the right message to the right people. 

We look forward to telling your story too.

Terence Szeto

Executive Producer

Terence is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer who has been creating since 2014.


He started out as a commercial cinematographer, then expanded his skill set to become a project manager and doing sales and marketing.

Passionate about wildlife photography, Terence's content has garnered a following of thousands on social media, where he inspires others to learn more about our biodiversity. On his off days you will find him deep in the jungles in Singapore or overseas searching for elusive animals. He is currently a brand ambassador for Nikon.

Rachelle Han


Rachelle is a double major in Linguistics and Art History who has produced multiple corporate videos and documentaries since joining Hatched Productions in 2020.

A people person, Rachelle works to understand your needs to deliver a better product every time.

Her adaptability and meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of production ensures that every project runs smoothly and efficiently.

After a long shoot day, she enjoys relaxing at home with her dog, Pomme.

Kenneth Chan

Creative Director

Kenneth is the main scriptwriter and concept developer at Hatched Productions.

He believes in the power of research in storytelling, and has written and directed multiple documentary, corporate, and commercial projects.

Also proficient in colour grading, Kenneth is able to bring out unique facets of every organisation and profile for each project he directs.

With a clear understanding of story beats, creativity, and resourcefulness, he is able to turn hours of footage into something new; bringing the vision you have in your mind into reality.

Wu Bingyu

Director of Photography

Bingyu has a flair for cinematic storytelling and is in charge of the visual direction at Hatched Productions.

He has lensed all of our projects since inception, including several documentaries, commercials and corporate films, with some of his personal favourites being The Craft of Art and NUS CFG's brand video.

He has worked in documentary filmmaking since 2016, and is often found with his face hidden behind the viewfinder of a camera. A wildlife photography enthusiast, he has also previously photographed for publications such as Rice Media.