Who we are

Kenneth Chan

Kenneth Chan

Creative Director

Kenneth is the main scriptwriter and concept developer at Hatched Productions.


He believes in the power of research in storytelling, and has written and directed multiple documentary and commercial projects.


His latest documentary series, The Craft of Art, has generated close to 750,000 views across various social media platforms.

Terence Szeto

Terence Szeto

Manager/Executive Producer

As the lead producer for Hatched Productions, Terence Szeto is a filmmaker that has won awards for his films both locally and internationally.


He has since produced and edited a wide variety of projects ranging from events, commercials, and documentaries.

As lead editor, his flair for pacing creates exciting visual sequences.

Wu Bingyu

Wu Bingyu

Producer/Director of Photography

Bingyu has a flair for cinematic storytelling and is in charge of the visual direction at Hatched Productions.


He has lensed several documentaries, commercials and corporate films, including The Craft of Art and In Between.


He has worked in documentary filmmaking since 2016, and is often found with his face hidden behind the viewfinder of a camera.

Rachelle Han

Rachelle Han


Rachelle is a double major in Linguistics and Art History.


Since joining Hatched Productions, she has produced multiple corporate videos and documentaries, the latest being Through the Lens.


As the resident grammar police, Rachelle ensures that the story shines through carefully constructed sentences.