In Between - All the World's a Stage

In Between is a five-part documentary series commissioned by Viddsee that explores the spaces we inhabit and the unique ways we utilize them.

In this episode, we talk to Claire Yang, a programmer from Esplanade PLAYtime! Productions, and dive into the colourful world of children’s theatre. In the process, we unravel the magic of theatre and the ways one can transform an empty blackbox space into a whole different world.

We seldom think much about the intricacies that goes behind the design of a play and the impact that stories have on our collective consciousness. Therefore, we sought to show how through the various tools production designers have, they are able to bring about a space full of wonder and joy, bringing imagination into reality and enabling audiences to feel a stake in the story through interactivity.

Visually, we wanted to capture the magic of theatre through the reactions of the audience and how childrens’ theatre, as a space, is unique and wonderful as compared to conventional theatre with brightly lit sets, free-roaming audience space where set and seating merges into one.