In Between - A Natural Appeal

In Between is a five-part documentary series commissioned by Viddsee that explores the spaces we inhabit and the unique ways we utilize them.

In this episode, we take a journey into the green spaces in Singapore with Youmin Yap, a certified forest bathing guide. Through Youmin, we discover the natural spaces that city dwellers often neglect and how slowness and mindfulness could be beneficial as an escape to the hustle and bustle of modern living. 

Visually, we sought to highlight underappreciated parts of nature to show the ecosystem of nature as compared to charismatic mega-fauna such as under-story plants. We also utilized extensive sound design to mimic the experience of forest bathing.

The story of Youmin and forest bathing serves to highlight the high stress living of urban life, and how it is important for one to slow down and appreciate the environment around oneself for the sake of mental well-being.