In Between - Zakka: Miscellaneous Joy

In Between is a five-part documentary series commissioned by Viddsee that explores the spaces we inhabit and the unique ways we utilize them.

In this episode, we find out more about the philosophy of Zakka and how Herman Yap, a visual merchandise lecturer and homeowner, utilizes it to create a home that personifies his individuality and eclecticism. Zakka, meaning miscellaneous objects, is a design phenomenon that encapsulates all things that are meaningful and improves one’s lifestyle. While eclectic, Herman with his background in design manages to create a cohesive look despite the many discrete elements.

We wanted to capture the warmth that his home exudes and accomplish that through the use of color grading. Through our conversation with Herman, we discovered that he has a relaxed personality which we reflect through the use of lo-fi hip hop music. Visually, we aim to highlight how he and his home are one by showcasing the diverse styles and objects within his space.

Ultimately, through Herman, we wanted to send forth the message that no matter the design, a home, as a space, should be a place of dwelling where one feels a sense of belonging and joy and we see that through the sense of pride Herman has for his home.