In Between - Kampung Reimagined

In Between is a five-part documentary series commissioned by Viddsee that explores the spaces we inhabit and the unique ways we utilize them.

In this episode, Calvin Cai from LOGIN apartment shows us how co-living could be a potential solution for our housing problems. While the idea of co-living is not a local concept, we localized it by likening it to the now defunct Singaporean kampung, a form of communal living, and how co-living could be kampung living for modern times.

With the intent of looking at the curatorial aspects of co-living, we look at how curating space, furnishing and even people can impact the experience of living by creating a more welcoming environment for people living together.

Through the eyes of Calvin and tenants, Eugene and Amelia, we learn more about the experience of co-living and the increasing relevance it has in our modern society despite the artificial connotations the idea of curation comes with.