In Between - Into The Void

In Between is a five-part documentary series commissioned by Viddsee that explores the spaces we inhabit and the unique ways we utilize them.

In this episode, explore how Izzat Zatasy, a leather crafter, transformed his local HDB void deck into his own personal leather crafting workshop, and the obstacles he faces in pursuit of his leather crafting passion.


We sought to explore the dichotomy between the original intent of what a void deck was envisioned to be, a meeting place for the community, where neighbours would bond and share their lives, and what they are today - literal voids in the housing estate. To this end, we used imagery and sound design that evoked the loneliness of the void deck at night, interjected with moments of camaraderie between Izzat and the residents.

The story of Izzat and the void deck is a deeply personal one, where we see how an individual can deeply affect a community in a positive way through the pursuit of his dreams.